Help Keep Your Dog Healthy with Probiotics

It is very important to keep your dog healthy and happy, and giving them probiotics is a great way to do that. Probiotics are essentially healthy bacteria that are naturally found in the digestive tract and they can be extremely beneficial for your pet. There are lots of different species of bacteria, some of which […]

Getting your Dog Started with Dock Diving

There isn’t a lot of training required to get your dog ready for diving off docks. While it is true that there are certain breeds of dogs that are naturally better at swimming than others, almost all dogs can do this, provided they are in good physical condition. Dock diving isn’t the same as teaching […]

6 Important Water Safety Tips for Dogs

It is absolutely imperative that your dog is kept safe when in the water, even if it is used to swimming and has experience getting wet. There are quite a few different things to keep in mind when trying to keep your dog safe in the water and it is crucial that you remember all […]